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Hi luvs! My name is Peola Marshall, mom of three, teacher and blogger. Thank you for visiting my website. I'm so glad you’re here! I look forward to sharing with you my experiences, trials and errors as I embark on my personal journey to holistic health. I've learned so much and indeed there's still so much more to learn about health and wellness. I invite you to subscribe  or become a site member so that we can learn from and support each other. 

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My Story

                 In 2018 I experienced a very traumatic event that almost put me in the grave. At the time I was experiencing unsurmountable stress on the job, betrayal from a close friend and financial difficulties.  One night a thought entered my mind that immediately triggered a panic attack. My heart began to race and I developed the worst migraine headache in the world. I was afraid to fall  asleep because I thought I would die in my dreams. So I forced myself to stay up all night, all the while reaching out to God. I lost half my body weight in the six days immediately following and became very weak. I developed high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia and had to be put on medication for all three by my doctor. All these things happened because of a THOUGHT that shot through my mind and caused mental, physical, emotional and social damage. My journey back to health and wellness required healing along all disciplines. My experience really taught me that to be truly healthy not only requires proper nutrition and fitness, but wellness in mind and spirit also, because they are all closely interconnected. Since then I'm always searching  for ways to become healthier and happier.  Recently, fruits, vegetables and herbal remedies played a huge role in my recovery from COVID-19. I continue to be amazed at the impact of the simple things of nature that are available to us to improve our health. I've been inspired so much that I'm now seeking professional qualifications in Natural Medicine. I'm learning a great deal and I'm so excited, I decided to give up fear and start a blog. I feel a God given responsibility to share what I'm discovering and personally experiencing so I can make my own positive impact on the world. My passion for health and wellness has now become my purpose to share and educate.


Let's build a community of positive, like-minded and healthy people.

Let's connect.

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