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Style & Beauty

Looking good on the outside greatly contributes to feeling good on the inside. It is also a public statement of who we are, therefore we want to ensure we are making an honest statement to the world. A character and style match greatly boosts our self-confidence and wearing your clothes with self-confidence makes the outfit. Styling ourselves, therefore should be approached with intention and purpose. 

Finding My Own Personal Style

     For years I paid little attention to the clothes I bought. I just bought whatever was on sale or what I saw and liked. When it was time to style myself for an event I found myself having a lot of clothes but nothing to wear. I often ended up throwing things together trying to mix and match the best I knew how and not really feeling great in my clothes. I never really felt totally put together. Change didn't come until I had enough and decided to put effort into my personal style. It required a wardrobe overhaul as I threw out many things.  I had to think about who I am - what I like and dislike, what values I uphold and what statement I want to make about myself to the world. I searched Pinterest for weeks for visual aids and I studied the attire of people who I admired. I started shopping with focus and intention, looking for clothes that fell in a certain theme. I approached the stores with a plan, with a look already in mind. Many times I walked the malls until my feet hurt and went back home empty handed although I saw many things I liked, but they didn't fit the theme I was shopping for at the time. I was amazed at my own discipline. But I was determined to change. What do they say about insanity again? Right!

     My experience taught me developing your personal style takes thought and consistent effort until it becomes effortless. Now I've built a wardrobe that I'm proud of. I feel comfortable and confident in my clothes. My  clothes fit my body type and my style matches my personality, values and moods.  

I notice people treat me with greater respect and I get a lot more compliments, even while wearing the simplest things. Now I'm wearing my clothes and not the other way around!


Beauty From Within

     Beauty is defined as that which is aesthetically pleasing to the senses. But that definition is so subjective. Who's to determine what is aesthetically pleasing? What may be beautiful to you may not be beautiful to me. This is why they say beauty is in  the eye of the beholder.  In my opinion, true beauty comes from within.  A beautiful person has a healthy self-image, exudes self-confidence and is comfortable in his own skin.  He is kind, respectful and conducts himself with dignity. In fact, according to a Global Advisor survey, physical attributes ranked low in peoples' opinions of beauty. However, wouldn't it be awesome if effort is also put in our outward appearance to compliment our awesome personality?      In addition to finding your personal style in terms of clothing, you can also pay attention to your hairstyle, skin care, hygiene and grooming. All these will make your awesome beauty complete and of course contribute to your physical and mental well-being and overall holistic health.

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