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Self Care

         Self-care is the act of engaging in all that's necessary to promote wellness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I like to define it as doing anything that's good for your body and brings you joy. Without self-care you may become more susceptible to anxiety, stress and depression. Lack of adequate or regular self-care not only negatively affects you but also your loved ones. Being a busy single mom of three and holding down a full time job which often runs into my personal time, it's easy to put myself last, which I did for many years. I learned the hard way that I can't take care of my children or my home properly if I'm not okay.  For the sake of my physical, mental and emotional health, I had to literally pencil in ME time. ME time consisted of a visit to the spa or at home beauty routines, doing my hobbies or sometimes just a trip to the grocery store alone where I can actually think, without the kids around tugging me to buy this and that or complaining about frivolous things.

I will never underestimate the power of ME time again. It's very therapeutic. It's like a good night's sleep to your spirit. It refreshes and recharges you to take on the next day, with all that day brings, with happiness and renewed vigour.  I encourage you to do something that refreshes you, that revitalizes you, that HEALS your mind, body and spirit REGULARLY, so you can enjoy living.

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15 Quick Tips
Self Care

  1. Say affirmations in the mirror.

  2. Start eating healthier.

  3. Enroll in an exercise program.​

  4. Watch a comedy.

  5. Start keeping a journal.​

  6. Make up with a friend.

  7. Learn a new skill.

  8. Do a beauty treatment.

  9. Upgrade your look.

  10. Pursue a hobby.

  11. Enjoy a long afternoon nap.

  12. Spend time in nature.

  13. Take a day off.

  14. Spend alone time.

  15. Express gratitude for the small things.

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